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Danish Oil, various sizes
Bestwood Danish Oil

From us!

We will happily provide you with the best quality Danish Oil direct from our Factory in Hucknall near Nottingham under our ‘Bestwood’ brand, in any quantity from 250ml to 1000 litres. If you would like to buy the finest Danish Oil, we would like to supply you!

We have been supplying trade and industrial customers since 2002.

We only use the best quality grade one amber Chinese Tung Oil in our Danish Oil.

Please email us for details at sales@multicolour.co.uk or telephone 0115 963 4396 during the working week (Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm for us!).

We only sell our Danish Oil direct. We do not employ representatives or agents to sell it on our behalf. We do not pay to advertise. Our growth with Danish Oil has been organic, by reputation and word of mouth from professional and trade users. As part of our future strategy we have decided to make our Danish Oil available to everyone.

Please click on the pictures below to be taken to our shop on our tungoil.co.uk website:

Now with FREE SHIPPING to the Mainland UK on ALL ORDERS

Bestwood Danish Oil 250mldanish oil 500mldanish oil 1 litre

danish oil 2.5 litresdanish oil 5 litres

baestwood danish oil uv 500mlbestwood danish oil uv 1 litredanish oil uv 2.5 litres

danish oil uv 5 litres

On Amazon and ebay.

We stock our products online at Amazon and ebay. Search for Bestwood Danish Oil. Please take care when buying on ebay as there are some sellers who have closely copied our listings, but unfortunately they haven’t copied our product quality!

Unfortunately we do not supply our Danish Oil to decorators merchants or high street stores because we do not employ representatives to sell our products.

Note: Care should be taken when buying other ‘Danish Oil’ to establish what you are getting.  Quality can be average, even from some of the well known brands. Some products may be mainly low cost vegetable oils, with large amounts of white spirit, chemical preservatives and dryers added.

We do not make our Danish Oil for anyone else. If it isn’t sold as Bestwood Danish Oil, it isn’t ours.

If you live abroad and would like to buy our products please send us an email first, we would like to help, but the cost of shipping can be high!

Danish Oil UV Cans

We recently introduced an enhanced exterior product to our range – ‘Danish Oil UV’, please see the Danish Oil UV web page for more details.